43. Vestd

Company: Vestd

Founder: Ifty Nasir

Website: https://www.vestd.com/



About Vestd


Vestd is the UK’s most powerful equity management platform and is designed to make sharing ownership a piece of cake.

Back in the bad old days, businesses would need to pay thousands of pounds to an accountant to set up an ineffective share scheme but with Vestd, business leaders can easily manage their own equity and unleash its power at the same time.

We were the first company of our kind when we launched ten years ago, and we still lead the pack with our innovative software. Staff can log in to view the values of their shares in real time, and model the value of their shares if the company rises in value – an unrivalled motivator.

The platform is as easy to use as a Facebook profile page, but it revolutionises businesses and the wider economy.

93% of Vestd customers agree that sharing ownership has helped with their recruitment efforts and 95% agree that it’s helped with employee loyalty. One of our customers even told us recently that his Vestd scheme had helped “pretty much every member of the team to pay off their mortgage!”

Vestd’s equity management products and services might be financial but in many ways we are selling a fairer, more principled way of doing business, where everyone who contributes to building the business, gets a chance to share in the success.