45. Creditinfo

Company: Creditinfo

Founder: Reynir Grétarsson

Website: https://creditinfo.com/



About Creditinfo


Established in 1997, Creditinfo Group has been among the fastest growing fintechs in its field and has assessed over 1 billion consumers in more than 50 countries since it was founded. Creditinfo has also been shortlisted and awarded in several tenders supported by World Bank, IFC, Millenium Challenge Corporation and other international organisations. With 35 credit bureaus running today across four continents, Creditinfo has become the most widespread global partner in the field of credit risk management because of its unique approach to leveraging alternative data to promote financial inclusion.

Headquartered in the UK, Creditinfo provides intelligent information, software and analytic solutions to facilitate access to finance for individuals and businesses. As a global and pioneering alternative to traditional credit bureaus, Creditinfo aims to enrich people’s lives and improve business performances through creating actionable insights for responsible lending using alternative data. This kind of data helps to overcome structural barriers to finance, as it minimises the chance of subjective human intervention in the lending decision process and helps to improve overall equality. As a result, people and businesses receive fairer credit scores that reflect their actual risk and means they have greater access to finance, especially in emerging markets, where this is needed the most.

As the leading credit bureau provider in Africa, Creditinfo’s expertise in helping the unbanked in emerging markets access finance saw the company recently acquire two credit bureaus in East Africa from industry giant, Experian, a big milestone in the company’s journey to disrupt lending.