46. Lemonade

Company: Lemonade

Founder: Daniel Schreiber

Website: https://www.lemonade.com/uk/giveback


About Lemonade


Lemonade’s sustainability strategy is three-fold: sustainable products, climate donations, and climate awareness. Since 2017, Lemonade has donated $2,178,683 directly to 17+ climate organizations in 4 countries, including: 318,522 trees planted via American Forests and 607 climate activists trained from 350.org. In November 2021, Lemonade launched car insurance, a product built with the environment in mind. In an effort to fight global warming and climate change, Lemonade launched an initiative to plant trees based on how much our policyholders drive. Throughout its lifetime, a single tree can absorb about half of the CO2 your car emits in one year. Lemonade is also the first US insurer to publicly commit to divest from coal and other fossil fuels. We published a statement, committing to our policyholders, employees, stakeholders, and even our competitors that we will continue to be invested in a cleaner future. In October 2021, Lemonade signed on to Net Zero 2030, joining a coalition of companies that have pledged to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. Participating companies in Net Zero 2030 commit to achieving net zero emissions by 2030, which apply to Scope 1, Scope 2, and most relevant Scope 3 emissions, and we use science-based targets to reduce emissions wherever possible.

We adhere to Green Building Standards, so we regularly monitor and record water usage, and have clear reduction targets for all offices that we aim to reach via low-flow faucets, taps, toilets. We also regularly monitor and record waste production. Plus, our choice to become a B Corp means we’re legally committed to our environment. Every 3 years, we go through a rigorous assessment that checks our energy usage, materials, facilities, supply chains, and more. At any stage, companies can be asked to produce supporting documents to verify the long-term validity of claims, which will be checked by the B Lab assessment board. For example, Lemonade was asked to provide data on our energy use, carbon footprint, and environmental management. Lemonade has also completed climate scenario surveys with NAIC, SASB and TCFD reporting.



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