48. SaaScada

Company: SaaScada

Founders: Nelson Wootton, Steve Round

Website: https://saascada.com/



About SaaScada


Before SaaScada was launched, socially conscious co-founders Nelson Wootton (also SaaScada’s CEO) and Steve Round (also Chair of the Governing Board Forum for the Global Alliance Banking on Values) successfully created The Change Account. This digital bank account was designed to help the unbanked and under-banked better manage their finances. It offered customers some of the world’s first mobile wallets so they could benefit from smart spending controls and cashback on essential spending.

To launch this feature-rich digital bank, they had to build their own core banking engine that was highly scalable, whilst being inexpensive to launch and operate. This engine was the genesis for SaaScada. Since then, SaaScada has been making waves in the European fintech world. The company raised a £2.5 million seed round in May 2022, and has already secured a strong roster of clients and partners.

With this background, the team has chosen to do things differently to enable innovators to create products to suit the widest range of customers. Rather than adopting a traditional product module approach with all the costs that entails, SaaScada provides a unified product hub, making it possible for firms to rapidly create and maintain a suite of market-leading banking products and services without the need of large development teams. This enables financial institutions of all sizes to offer first-class banking products

SaaScada’s data-driven core leverages cloud-native CQRS architecture and event sourcing to power real-time data insights. This approach combined with open APIs enables firms to build best of breed systems to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

For example, SaaScada’s core banking engine underpins Allica Bank’s SME Business Rewards Account. Award winning Allica Bank selected SaaScada because of its unique architecture that provides new entrants with flexibility as they scale and grow. The data-rich SaaScada platform empowers Allica Bank with the insight to deliver products tailored to its customers’ needs.

SaaScada is growing fast across Europe, enabling customers to launch disruptive new offerings – including Swiss business digital payments offering Relio, Swiss financial firm AstrantiaPay, and trade finance firm Tint FS.