54. atNorth

Company: atNorth

Founder: Benedikt Gröndal

Website: https://www.atnorth.com/



About atNorth

With AI and climate change both dominating the media the connection between the two topics is less well known.

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cloud and social media all have one thing in common; they all physically reside inside a data center. A purpose-built building that houses the servers the digital era runs on. It has been estimated that data centers account for 1-3% of global electricity use, while digital technology represents 4% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Data centers are clearly becoming one of the most pressing environmental concerns of our time. Digitalization will not stop but there are data center providers that can mitigate the environmental impact of this trend.

Modern data centers located in cooler climates, such as the Nordics, can utilize the cool climate and abundance of renewable energy sources to implement much more efficient cooling and heat reuse technologies.

atNorth is a sustainable data center provider that is committed to raising awareness of the colossal impact of its industry on the environment and promoting its innovative infrastructure as a way of mitigating these consequences.

All new atNorth data centers benefit from the cool Nordic climate and are built with innovative cooling and heat reuse technologies as standard. This makes them incredibly energy efficient and essentially allows customers to utilize the infrastructure as a decarbonization platform, helping businesses to meet their carbon reduction and ESG goals.

In addition to this, the business’ dedication to building diverse and knowledgeable teams supports its proficiency in providing excellent customer services. For example, atNorth’s client Shearwater Geoservices were looking for a new reliable, collaborative data center partner that could meet its high-capacity compute demands with an environmentally responsible and low cost approach.

Initially apprehensive of moving infrastructure abroad over concerns about latency speeds, connectivity, facility management and customer service, Shearwater successfully moved 100% of its UK HPC infrastructure to atNorth’s ICE02 site resulting in a 92% reduction in CO2 output and an 85% reduction in cost.

Furthermore, atNorth’s sustainability message is attracting media attention. The business has seen a massive 75,000% increase in media reach in the last 12 months which translates to an increase in share of voice from 10% to 42%.

atNorth’s proven excellence in sustainable digital infrastructure and customer service really sets them apart in the competitive data center market and makes them deserving of recognition in TechRound’s Sustainability 60.



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