56. MachineMax

Company: MachineMax

Founder: Shweta Saxena

Website: https://www.machinemax.io/



About MachineMax

Founded in 2018, MachineMax has swiftly become a pioneering force for change in the heavy equipment industry. This journey began when Shell and BCG Digital Ventures collaborated to address the pervasive issue of inefficiency and data fragmentation in the sector. Recognising the challenges posed by the traditional reliance on paper and the complications arising from disparate data sources and operational siloes, MachineMax was conceived to streamline heavy machinery fleet management. The solution crafted was not just about simplifying operations but enhancing them across the board – from energy management to sustainability efforts.

An acquisition by Shell in 2021 marked a pivotal expansion, solidifying MachineMax’s global footprint, and the business now supports 77 customers across more than 30 countries, managing assets exceeding $1 billion in value. The company’s ethos revolves around enabling informed, proactive decisions through comprehensive data visibility and analytics, thus fostering a more sustainable future. By providing complete visibility and analytics from multiple data sources users can rely on insights into performance metrics like fuel consumption to inform behavioural changes and improve outcomes. By breaking down data siloes, standardising information, and delivering actionable insights, MachineMax empowers businesses to optimise operations and make impactful decisions.

The environmental achievements of MachineMax are notable. Working with mining company Imersy, they reduced fuel usage by a quarter and idling by 3-10% on a collection of global projects. Meanwhile, MachineMax reduced carbon emissions by 10% on HS2 Euston working with engineering and construction firm Murphy and also supported Hindustan Zinc in realising a remarkable 7% improvement in asset utilisation within a single quarter thanks to MachineMax’s interventions.

Innovation lies at the core of MachineMax, with a suite of hardware solutions designed to capture and leverage data where it was previously inaccessible. This commitment to innovation and sustainability has not gone unnoticed. MachineMax proudly holds the Gold Status as an ‘Enabler’ by the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Commitment Charter, a testament to its role in pushing the construction industry towards reduced emissions and greater efficiency.

This recognition underscores MachineMax’s ongoing commitment to driving industry-wide change, encouraging collaboration, and promoting a sustainable built environment. MachineMax is at the forefront of transforming the heavy equipment industry, proving that practical innovation can lead to significant environmental and operational advancements.


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