6. Phos

Company: Phos

CEO: Brad Hyett

Website: https://phos.cloud/



About Phos


Founded in 2018, phos has revolutionised the way merchants accept payments. As the leading software point of sale (SoftPoS) orchestrator, it enables businesses to turn their smartphones (or other certified mobile devices) into a contactless payment terminal through its ‘tap to pay’ technology.

Its pioneering software works across mobile platforms, allowing legacy technology providers and financial institutions to bring tap-to-pay solutions to market quickly and integrate them within their own technology stack.

This means their merchants no longer have to fork out on costly traditional hardware i.e. chip and pin machines. Phos also empowers these businesses to boost their sales potential by rapidly expanding their number of payment acceptance points.

Phos sets itself apart by being both phone and bank-agnostic. This means it can be used on any NFC-enabled mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and by any bank or acquirer – granting merchants unmatched flexibility.

The phos solution has a wide range of applications for a broad variety of businesses from street food retailers and coffee shops to charities and festivals or events.

Having established itself as the market leader in Europe, phos is now embarking on ambitious expansion plans in North America and beyond. With its global reach and proven success in delivering benefits to merchant customers, phos was recently acquired by Ingenico – the renowned global leader in payment acceptance solutions.

It now has an extensive network of 21 certified acquirer connections worldwide, offering rapid digital deployment and a simplified onboarding process.

Operating as a licensed payment technology provider on a global scale, phos has obtained certifications from VISA and Mastercard laboratories for functionality and security. This recognition further solidifies phos as a trusted and reliable partner in the payment industry.

In under five years, phos has positioned itself as an undeniable leader at the forefront of the SoftPoS market and demonstrated product-market fit for the technology, as well as the growing size of the addressable market. Not only has this cemented phos as an attractive acquisition target for a global giant in payment technology, but accelerated the adoption and helped scale the benefits of SoftPoS technology globally.