7. Red Helix

Company: Red Helix

CEO: Marion Stewart

Website: https://www.redhelix.com/





About Red Helix


Red Helix, previously known as Phoenix Datacom, was founded in 1984 and at that time established a reputation for providing products to support the monitoring, testing and analysis of network performance and security. Drawing on almost 40 years of technical competence and heritage, Red Helix provides managed services and solutions to help clients succeed and grow.

With threat levels increasing, Red Helix has taken the initiative to introduce extended managed services to support small and medium-sized organisations. Businesses without the scalability and technology to defend themselves 24/7 are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats because they lack the resources large organisations are equipped with. Red Helix acknowledges that providing flexibility to small and medium-sized organisations can play a key role in building up defences against existing and potential threats.

Red Helix sees a pressing need for more cyber security skills in the UK. Red Helix believes that bringing opportunities to children so they can understand how STEM influences their everyday lives and the world around them, will inspire an interest in technology and help to meet the need for technical skills in years to come. Primary school children were some of the most affected by the Covid-19 school closures, and the disruption had a significant impact on children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. In response to this, Red Helix launched an innovative coding club for primary school children that provides additional exposure to the real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Working with year 6 pupils, Red Helix delivers a program that allows children to use maths and coding skills to create their own personalised infinity mirror. The activity runs over six weeks with one afternoon per week spent on the project and those that have already taken part in the club have shown great involvement and excitement surrounding STEM subjects. Having had this exposure at a young age, Red Helix has provided these children with a level of understanding that will prove beneficial in secondary school and when it comes to thinking about future career choices.



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