7. Waggel

Company: Waggel

Founder: Andrew Leal

Website: https://www.waggel.co.uk/

About Waggel

Pet ownership can seem scary, but the insurance side of it shouldn’t be. This is why we designed Waggel with only one, lifetime policy and our digital platform makes signing up and claiming so easy your pet could do it. Most insurers make the claims process a mystery so complicated it would stump Sherlock Holmes. We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors, so ours is totally transparent and trackable.

Simply upload a claim in seconds, and we’ll handle the rest. Our small friends deserve big luxury, so we offer exclusive benefits on hand-picked products, services, and experiences to help you and your pet live your best life. We know as new pet owners, even the quietest sneeze can be scary. This is why all members have free access to online vet consultations, 24/7. And, unless you’re Dr. Dolittle, understanding your pup can be a bit of a struggle at times. That’s why we offer all members free consultations with our behaviour and nutrition specialist, Junior of Heal the Dog, who has over 10 years of experience. On top of this, we offer a selection of hand-picked rewards for you and your pet – a constantly evolving selection of unique and exclusive perks and rewards, which give you value even when you aren’t claiming. We’ve partnered with two amazing charities, Support Dogs and Wild at Heart Foundation, to give back and help dogs in need around the world.

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