8. ISB Global

Company: ISB Global

Founder: Chris Williams

Website: https://www.isb-global.com/


ISB Global


About ISB Global


London-based ISB Global develops software that is used by 25 major waste management and recycling operators in the UK, the US and elsewhere around the world to automatically track, measure, report and analyse the waste and recyclable materials they collect.

The company was co-founded in 1999 by CEO Chris Williams who identified a gap in the market for technology that provides improved visibility of data and operational processes to support the sustainable recycling and disposal of waste.

ISB Global’s mission is to provide the world’s most advanced environmental, waste management and recycling software that delivers a cleaner, more efficient and more circular flow of waste materials.

ISB Global’s flagship product is Waste and Recycling One (WR1), a powerful software platform for waste management operators to use to plan, track and control their waste management and recycling operations via a single integrated software solution. By replacing outdated software with WR1, companies that are reliant upon legacy systems and disparate tech stacks can solve the issue of unconnected data with one system and one master data source. As a result, businesses that integrate WR1 benefit from instant visibility, real-time analytics, reporting and insights on all aspects of waste collection and recycling.

2023 was a landmark year for ISB Global. It achieved 43 per cent revenue growth, driven largely by its customer base of small and medium waste management operators in the UK.

ISB Global aims for further revenue growth in 2024 with the US launch of WR1 later this year, which will bolster its presence in the North American market.

The waste management and recycling industry is constantly evolving, with government initiatives such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) increasing pressure on waste management providers to operate more sustainably. ISB Global’s team of experts draw on a combination of technology expertise plus decades of experience in the sector to help its clients adapt to regulatory changes and behave in a more environmentally conscious way.

This in-depth understanding of the industry is what sets ISB Global apart from its competitors and identifies the company as a leader in the pursuit of a circular economy and a zero-waste society.



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