Announced! TechRound’s FinTech50 2024

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our FinTech50 2024!


TechRound is proud to announce the winners of our FinTech50 campaign, celebrating the entrepreneurs using tech to disrupt the finance space.

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Feedback From The Judges


“It was a fascinating experience to rank such a diverse range of companies. For me, as a communications expert, it was quite a representative case of evaluating how well businesses can stand out from their direct competitors. Apart from the project market potential, I assessed companies’ narratives and whether their communications reflected the positioning and the product. I’m certain that we will hear more of the projects that made it to the top of the list!”

– Valentina Drofa, Co-Founder and CEO at Drofa Comms


“Assessing this extensive array of innovative financial products and services demonstrates that by leveraging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cloud computing, these projects streamline complex processes, reduce costs, and increase the speed of financial operations, benefiting both businesses and consumers.

“I strongly believe these top 50 fintech projects not only drive technological innovation within the financial sector but also contribute significantly to economic development, financial accessibility, and systemic resilience.”

– Evgeny Filichkin, Investment Advisor at Keytom


“It’s been a pleasure reading and learning about so many refreshing ideas and innovative companies in the fintech space. I’m excited to try out some of these products and services myself. Ranking them is not an easy feat. I’ve based my decisions on potential impact, reach and social good. Looking forward to seeing how technologies will continue to evolve and shape our industry, and how these fintechs will grow and scale.”

– Tracy Prandi-Yuen, VP, Global Partnerships, Boku, Inc.


Thank You To Our Judges!



Valentina Drofa, Co-Founder and CEO at Drofa Comms

Valentina Drofa is the co-founder and CEO of Drofa Comms, a PR firm specializing in finance and fintech. An international entrepreneur and business leader with over 15 years of experience in the financial sector, she is also a Forbes columnist, a speaker at industry events, and a nominee for the Forbes Cyprus 20 Women in Tech 2023 Awards.

Find out more about what Valentina is looking for from entrants in her interview here.


Evgeny Filichkin, Investment Advisor at Keytom

Evgeny Filichkin is an Investment Advisor at Keytom, responsible for evaluating and developing investment strategies and initiatives, implementing risk management procedures, and conducting monitoring for optimal capital efficiency.

With over 20 years in financial markets, Mr. Filichkin has extensive experience in working with banks, brokerages, family offices and hedge funds. Over the course of the past two decades, Mr. Filichkin has held top management positions in multiple high-profile financial and fintech companies, contributing to their development into international entities.

Find out more about what Evgeny is looking for from entrants in his interview here.

Tracy Prandi-Yuen, VP, Global Partnerships, Boku, Inc.

Tracy brings a wealth of global payment leadership experience at the VP and director levels, with notable roles including Head of Local and Alternative Payments, FinTech Partnerships at Meta, and Director of Digital Solutions at Visa. Tracy has expertise in payment technologies, covering EMV standards, authentication, tokenisation, mobile wallets, real-time payments, and carrier billing.  Her expertise extends to business development, strategic partnerships, and product commercialisation. Tracy is a strong communicator, fluent in English and Mandarin.

Find out more about what Tracy is looking for from entrants in her interview here.


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