The Game Changer in Fintech – Weld Money Performs a Revolution in Crypto Payments!

Today, on August 15, Ukrainian fintech company Weld Money officially launched their innovative product, which we have followed for a year – weld card. The product is expected to make a global step in the process of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

We carried on the analysis of the market of fintech products with solutions for crypto payments and came to the following conclusions:

  1. Fintech companies and crypto exchanges (like Revolut or Binance) cannot suggest Apple Pay/Google Pay feature or a cashback program to its users and simply doesn’t provide a direct connection to the various crypto exchanges’ wallets.
  2. Banks are trying to implement solutions for buying and storing crypto assets. But the processes are performed indeed slowly, and these solutions still don’t let the users perform daily crypto payments.
  3. Crypto neo-banking companies are concentrated on designing and implementing unique solutions that solve the problems of the inapplicability of crypto. This is what Weld Money does.


The technology of Weld Money will let anyone perform daily payments for any goods and services directly from the crypto wallets using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Weld card today is:

  • the first cryptocurrency card which can be connected to different exchanges
  • the first product alike in the Eastern Europe region
  • the cryptocurrency card that can be issued within a couple of minutes



What is Weld Money?

Weld Money is a Ukrainian fintech startup founded in 2020 by Alexey BobokIryna Lorens and Alexey Meretskiy. The project launched its native token, WELD. The IDO was held on September 22, 2021. During the event, which lasted 4 single minutes, Weld Money managed to raise $3,6 million. Today, the token is listed on significant DEX (PancakeSwap, UniSwap) and CEX (Bitmart, Bitrue) platforms. The price of the WELD token already reacted to the news about the product launch by ~115% growth.

Investors have already estimated the innovative solution of the project at $100 million – this is how Round A was opened. According to analysts’ forecasts, Weld Money tends to become the unicorn.

In late 2022 – early 2023, the product is planned to enter the European market. The global goal of Weld Money is to enable users to conduct transactions using their product with any digital assets (NFT, metaverse tokens, etc.) and pay directly from non-custodial wallets.


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