Bitcoin Wallet Options

Virtual currency (cryptographic assets, cryptocurrency) refers to currency that is exchanged only by electronic data, and does not have compulsory power (legal effect used as a means of repayment of financial debt) by the state as legal tendered currency does. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, which started its operations in 2009, derivative virtual currencies called ‘altcoin’ were also created one after another. Virtual currency exchanges that exchange legal currency with virtual currency also emerged shortly after and thus, possession of virtual currency spread rapidly.

How Do I Get a Bitcoin Address?

A bitcoin address can be obtained by creating a “Bitcoin wallet.” There are various types of wallets, but it is often convenient to create a mobile wallet that can be used as a smartphone application or an online wallet that can be created via the web. Once you have accumulated coins, get an address. Then, register on the exchanges and get your own bitcoin address.!

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Paper Wallets

A paper wallet is in practice, the safest method to protect against cyber attacks, but it is also the most impractical one: to hold the details to access the paper wallet in question, you will need to physically transcribe the Wallet Codes somewhere. Hence, losing the Code and the Coin Addresses will mean that you lose your crypto-money forever.

Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet consists of a real material device that guards your wallet with Coin Addresses, for example a flashdrive. On the one hand, this is a very secure way to look after your cryptocurrency. However, breakage of the device will lead to the loss of the data of the Wallet Codes and of the Coin Addresses.

Wallet Software

This is a widely used system (often supported by a Paper Wallet). All it takes is to download a digital wallet programme on your personal computer (important that it is your personal one), where you can manage and view your ‘cryptoaveri.’ It is often good to also keep your Wallet Code and Coin Addresses on paper, so if the computer breaks , you will be able to reasonably recover what you may otherwise lose. Visit this crypto deposit guide for iGaming as an example to learn which wallets are perfect for different types of uses.

How to Create a Paper Wallet for Cryptocurrencies

  • Go to and generate your wallet code
  • The system will generate a Code Wallet (to be kept) and a Coin Address to deposit your bitcoins

There are numerous programs to deposit your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. A widely used one is EXODUS which in addition to Bitcoin, accepts the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world By installing Exodus, you can create Coin Addresses and the system is very simple to use.