Getfluence IDO Campaign Exhibits Power of Branded Content for Crypto Companies

Getfluence, an adtech platform, has partnered with Waves Exchange to support the marketing of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for a new crypto token called WX.

The campaign demonstrates how branded content can have some of the best returns for cryptocurrency companies when compared to other marketing channels, especially in terms of audience engagement and campaign scale.

The goal of the campaign was to sell $50 million tokens, which was achieved in an astonishing 29 hours, with 28,779 transactions, 20,615 holders and a $2,425 investment average.

The metrics of the campaign show that readers are very engaged in learning more about cryptocurrency and quality content is high in demand. The campaign achieved average viewing times of content of 4 minutes, which is higher than the average media benchmark of 3 minutes 26 seconds. The campaign also boosted Waves Exchange’s Instagram presence – its impressions increased by 247%, profile views by 5780% and engagement by 219%.



Marc de Zordo, Founder and CEO at Getfluence, said: “With the increasing use of ad blockers and distrust of targeted advertising, brands are turning to branded content to bolster their marketing efforts. Although we are witnessing this trend across industries, this specific campaign’s results are a perfect example of how crypto campaigns tend to have above average impact when compared to content from other industries. A single campaign to exceed its KPIs so quickly with high return on investment is something not many other marketing tactics can achieve.”

The campaign was run on behalf of Kijora Agency’s client Waves Exchange.

Getfluence has recorded a 37% increase year on year in the value of branded content campaigns businesses run. In 2021, on average, companies ran 10% more paid media campaigns than the year before. The growth is consistent with the findings of Getfluence’s annual State of Paid Media report which analyses major trends in how companies are using sponsored articles as part of their marketing mix.

The report, which collates leading benchmarks from a range of services, notes how 42.7% of internet users now use ad blockers at least once a month. Getfluence’s experts believe that the growth in ad blockers is a primary driver of companies slowing ad spend in favour of paid media campaigns. The branded content industry is expected to reach $402 billion in value in 2025, up from $85.83 billion in 2020.

Getfluence, which launched in the UK in September 2021, enables brands and agencies to immediately identify, select and agree terms for branded editorial content campaigns with media outlets. Content is fully managed on the platform with the impact of the campaign easy to measure and analyse. By automating every step of the process, Getfluence has removed the laborious and arcane process of arranging and agreeing editorial campaigns with individual publications. This saves all parties involved significant time and resources and ensures brands deliver the maximum impact for their investment.