How Blockchain and Pay Per Click Benefits Zillios Users is looking to break the dominance of the traditional portals when it comes to searching for, purchasing, or renting a property abroad. Through the use of a highly innovative pay per click system, combined with an advanced understanding and implementation of blockchain technology, the platform is gaining traction every day. There are currently over a million properties listed – and that number is only going to grow.

Through their previous experience with the Immoabroad platform, the Zillios team have developed a portal that benefits property hunters, property owners, and estate agents equally.

Pay Per Click Integration

The platform uses a disruptive business model which broadens its spectrum compared with traditional property portals – namely the pay per click bidding system. This allows users to have much finer control over the position of their property in the listings, as well as any marketing budgets they may be working with.

Pay per click systems are traditionally the preserve of eCommerce platforms, and reduce the requirement of users to rely on “organic” traffic. The platform is seeking to herald the next generation of international property searching, renting, and purchasing – and pay per click listings are a core aspect of attracting a broader user base.

The Use of Blockchain

Another element of the team’s dedication to providing as performance and safety oriented experience as possible for property owners and searchers is the use of blockchain. The platform makes particular use of smart contracts, which allows users to enjoy the benefit of peer-to-peer transactions in real time, without the need for any third parties. The payment process is rendered safer, more accessible, and more transparent as a result, which benefits both those seeking to buy and rent, as well as those looking to sell.

Common pain points centred on real estate purchase include hidden costs, excessive commissions, and needlessly lengthy waiting times. These can all be avoided, allowing for much more intuitive payments without compromising safety.  The effect is the encouragement of the use of the platform across all aspects of the real estate markets. Estate agents, homeowners, and those seeking to buy or rent property abroad all stand to benefit. As blockchain is still a relatively new technology, it’s highly likely that these benefits are only going to strengthen as the technology continues to evolve and develop.

The team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what an international property portfolio can be, meaning there has never been a better time to list or search for that perfect holiday home.