How You Can Use Bitcoin Technology in Your Business

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Bitcoin has been the most successful cryptocurrency since its creation in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Over the years, this digital currency has proven to be the most marketable and profitable cryptocurrency, although its value is volatile. Bitcoin trading has never been this hassle-free with bitcoin evolution.

This digital or electronic currency has proven to be a perfect medium of exchange and a good store of value. Lately, people have been investing in this virtual currency despite the price being volatile. However, volatility makes this virtual currency a perfect investment for some investors. It assures investors that, in the long term, they will accumulate huge returns. Ultimately, investing in this electronic currency is a great way of diversifying your investment portfolio.

Aside from investing in virtual currency, you can also use blockchain technology in your business. Many businesses such as healthcare, banks, and insurance have adopted this virtual currency and its underlying technology. So, here is how you can use this digital money technology in your business.



Regardless of where you work, voting happens in one way or another. Employees, shareholders, and board members are some of the people who always have to take part in the poll. However, such votes are not credible or reliable. Therefore, blockchain technology allows employees or board members to vote anonymously. Blockchain technology creates a public distributed ledger that records this digital money transaction, and businesses can adapt it. As a result, a company can adopt blockchain technology and conduct a fraud-free and democratic election.

The blockchain system will automatically tally and maintain a record of the election, providing a permanent record of the election results.


Better Record Keeping

Traditional forms of record keeping are hard to organise and navigate. So, it is easy to lose records such as criminal files, wedding licenses, or other corporate filings. So, if corporate offices could digitise their record-keeping strategy and incorporate blockchain technology, it would help public offices save on open spaces for record keeping and employees.

Also, law enforcement would benefit from blockchain by ensuring that information is passed from one department to another without fear that a specific department will interfere with the sensitive information.


Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are organisational and logistical systems companies use to transport goods from the grower or factory to the consumer. Due to the heavy intensity of exports and imports, keeping a close eye on supply chains has become troublesome. These systems, however, contain independent databases with centrally held records. As a result, getting viable information about shipments is nearly impossible for the person tasked with supply chain management.

Nevertheless, blockchain technology comes to ease such problems. Blockchain is a public decentralised digital ledger that everyone on the supply chain can use to fill in the information once they have the proper permission. In the end, it would create one single, secure system whereby each unit on the supply chain could provide information on goods processing from the factory or farm to the final consumer.

In the end, blockchain creates transparency and ensures every unit is held accountable in case of loss, fraudulent goods, or damaged goods. More so, the blockchain will be highly effective in the healthcare industry, where people can access spoilt or fraudulent drugs.


Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is a proven effective technique that people can use in businesses. That shows that blockchain technology will continue to grow in the following years. Therefore, more and more companies should incorporate blockchain technology in their operations.