21. Illusive


Company: Illusive

Founder(s): Ofer Israeli

Website: https://illusive.com


About Illusive

Illusive’s active defence stops attackers from accessing critical assets and detects the lateral movement that enables today’s most dangerous ransomware and nation-state attacks. Despite significant investments, it’s still difficult to see and stop attackers moving inside your environment. The Illusive Active Defence Suite identifies and removes the vulnerable connections and credentials that enable attackers to move undetected, and then replaces them with deceptive versions that fool attackers into revealing their presence upon engagement. Illusive’s agentless approach captures deterministic proof of in-progress attacks and provides actionable forensics to empower a quick and effective response.

Illusive was founded by nation-state attackers who developed a solution to beat attackers. We help Fortune 100 companies protect their critical assets, including the largest global financials and global pharmaceuticals. Illusive has participated in over 130+ red team exercises and has never lost one!

Ofer Israeli is the founder and CEO of Illusive Networks. His understanding of the advanced attack process played a pivotal role in shaping Illusive’s automated, agentless deception management architecture. Before Illusive, Ofer managed development teams based around the globe for Check Point Software Technologies and worked in the Atom Chip Lab atBen Gurion University, where he focused on theoretical quantum mechanics. Ofer holds B.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and Physics from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.