3. Red Canary

Company: Red Canary

Founder(s): Brian Beyer

Website: https://redcanary.com/


About Red Canary

Red Canary was founded to make security better. It defends hundreds of organisations around the world, with customers ranging from global Fortune 100s to 100-endpoint organisations. Its cloud-based service levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes by empowering every defender to win against rapidly evolving adversaries. Red Canary was founded by Brian Beyer (CEO), Chris Rothe (chief product officer) and Keith McCammon (chief security officer).

Brian Beyer leads Red Canary to help businesses of all sizes shut down cyber attacks. Prior to co-founding Red Canary, Brian incubated cybersecurity products at Kyrus, innovated big data processing solutions for the intelligence community at Northrop Grumman, and started his career in cybersecurity in ManTech’s Computer Forensics & Intrusion Analysis group.

Chris Rothe leads Red Canary’s go-to-market strategy. He has deep expertise building systems to extract value from endpoint telemetry. Prior to co-founding Red Canary, Chris led software development teams at Kyrus and architected large data-processing systems for the defense and intelligence community at Lockheed Martin.

Keith McCammon leads Red Canary’s product development and is responsible for the company’s security strategy, operations, and threat research. He has spent nearly two decades identifying and solving complex problems related to information security and risk, including over a decade of service to the United States Department of Defence and Intelligence Community.