Top 10 Business Cybersecurity Providers

In early 2022, 1 in 5 businesses experienced cyber security breaches according to government research. Evidently, business cyber security is crucial for any business, regardless of size or industry in the UK. 

But, how do businesses ensure they stay protected from cyber-attacks? Though companies opt for in-house cyber security software, outsourcing this through managed IT support services is generally advised. By doing so, businesses can have complete peace of mind that they stay protected. 

What Is Business Cybersecurity?

Cyber security, in short, ensures people or companies are kept safe from cyber attacks. Examples of cyber attacks include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Malware-based attacks
  • Phishing attacks
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM)
  • DNS tunnelling 
  • SQL injections

Cyber attacks are an attempt to exploit weaknesses in a company, whether that be through technology or practices. Those that commit cyber attacks do so by accessing a vulnerable IT system to steal from or disrupt the organisation. The cause of cyber attacks varies but is mostly due to the desire to access sensitive data or finances. 

Business cyber security, therefore, ensures organisations stay protected from cyber attacks. Find out how this works for businesses here. 

Best Business Cybersecurity Companies

Cybercrime in the UK has substantially increased in the last two years according to government data. It is now more important than ever to get your businesses protected. Below, find some of the best business cyber security companies. 


1. Blue Frontier


Having been awarded accreditation in cyber security, Blue Frontier is definitely one of the top IT solutions for businesses in the UK. With a dedicated and experienced security team, using Blue Frontier will give companies peace of mind that each aspect of their business is protected. From web application security to infrastructure vulnerability, Blue Frontier offers various cyber security methods. 


2. Lucidica 


Affordable, flexible and industry-leading IT support – Lucidica truly is one of the best business cyber security providers in the UK. For startups and growing businesses, finding cyber security is crucial. Lucidica offers competitive and bespoke packages to keep your business protected and will do so on-site and remotely quickly and efficiently. Find out more at


3. Infinity Group 


Infinity Group pride themselves on providing tailored cyber security solutions. So, whether your business is small or large – they will help. Though primarily based in London so perhaps not the best solution for remote teams, Infinity Group will provide various security measures. For example, using specialist technology, they will ensure everything from GDPR audits to data backup and recovery is running smoothly. 

4. Netitude 


Also offering high-quality managed cyber security services is Netitude – an IT support company based in Somerset, UK. However, they also cover other areas in the surrounding areas, such as Birmingham, Swindon and even Wiltshire. 


5. Network London 


Network London focuses on proactive penetration cyber security testing. In other words, they will implement tests for new subscribed businesses in which they become the attacker. By doing so, they can reveal the vulnerabilities of a company which they will then set out a plan for as well as help employees become aware of potential cyber attacks


6. Optimising IT


Based in Gloucester, Optimising IT is a fully managed IT service provider helping business IT systems stay protected. With cybercrime rising, Optimising IT is a fully accredited cyber security provider that can provide affordable and expert advice for cyber security solutions. 


7. Leap IT 


For businesses that might be on a tighter budget, Leap IT may be a viable cyber security solution. When signing up to their services, they will focus on how they can implement the best cyber security solutions while taking into account budgeting. Their focus is ‘the right balance between budget and protection’. 

8. UK IT Service


Whether a small or large company seeking affordable yet high-quality cyber security solutions, then UK IT Service may be able to help. They can provide high-end cyber security solutions for your business in the background – meaning, you can continue to do what you do best, and vice-versa. 


9. Integral IT 


Integral IT also views themselves as a partner for small businesses, rather than a service. This way, they aim to provide the best cyber security solutions while tailoring their methods for any growing businesses. This may be a particularly important factor for startups, who may grow rapidly in which cyber security is essential. 


10. Cultrix


Finally, Cultrix – a cyber security solution that may be a great choice for businesses based in or near Leeds. Not only do Cultrix also take the approach that they’ll focus on what they do best, and you do too, but they also aim to be very responsive to customers. So, in a world where cyber attacks act fast, finding an IT support provider that can respond fast may be another key factor to consider.