12. The Pay Index

the pay index

Company: The Pay Index

Website: https://www.thepayindex.com/

Founder(s): James Rust


the pay index


About The Pay Index


Education & Career Support from 14 to Post-Graduation.

By collating over 20,000,000 pieces of real-time data The Pay Index has created one of the most comprehensive employability and careers tool available to school, college and university students. Its simple interactive format enables young people to investigate different pathways and so make informed decisions about their futures.

In the last 12 months, their schools & college offering has been taken up by 7 regional Uniconnects and LEPs across England, as well as several independent schools, bringing career support and guidance to tens of thousands of young people, teachers, and career officers.


They have already received fantastic feedback:

“It is a fantastic tool for disadvantaged children to plot a path through higher education and to dispel myths surrounding student finance.” Richard Seymour, Project Officer of Higher Horizons

“We have struggled to deliver on the Gatsby Benchmarks, in particular accessing local labour market information and The Pay Index provides this.” Michael Senior, Director of Sixth Form of Kingsbury High School

“A personalised and organic tool that is easy to navigate and gives accurate results based upon real-time data. A powerful aid to student decision-making and futures.” Fiona Berry, Hub and Stakeholder Liaison Officer of Humber Outreach Programme


As part of The Pay Index’s mission to provide young people with useful employability, salary and education guidance, they partnered with the University of Nottingham to create a bespoke tool for university students. This tool allows students to create personalised career paths based on a wide array of factors including course, location, function, and sector.

“The insights we’ve already gained from using The Pay Index are fascinating and we’re keen for our students and graduates to use this brilliant tool in addition to our existing resources in their career development planning.” Stuart Marriott, Associate Director, Careers and Employability Service