18. Twinkl


Company: Twinkl

Website: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/

Founder(s): Susie & Jonathan Seaton




About Twinkl


Twinkl was founded in 2010, with the simple goal of “helping those who teach”. This became its mission and is central to everything they do at Twinkl today, having expanded to a team of 790 working in the UK/Australian offices and remotely worldwide. Twinkl has a growing digital library of trusted educational materials for children, which are all created and checked by teachers.

During COVID-19 school closures, they made their resources free to support parents and teachers to keep the world learning. Twinkl has over 12 million visits to their websites each month. Their team of teachers and designers upload hundreds (if not thousands) of resources every month. That’s why they introduced Twinkl products. Their products are a helpful way of collecting their half a million resources into groups of resources based around the same topic, type or use. It’s their time-saving way of helping educators find the right resource for their needs.

A good example of this is their Twinkl Originals product. They have grouped all of their original storybooks and the resources specifically designed to support those stories into one place under that product name. Twinkl Inclusion is another popular product. Their Inclusion product has all of their special educational needs materials, including SEND, EAL, SALT and Pastoral content.

Twinkl Augmented Reality is a unique experience that transforms Twinkl content, bringing their stories and resources to life in 3D! Wherever you see the Twinkl AR icon in a resource, simply open the app, aim your camera at the page and discover a new reality. Twinkl is continually developing a range of apps for Apple and Android devices that support educational objectives and offer fun and engaging ways to learn with technology – including 3D and Augmented Reality (AR)! With Twinkl’s apps, you don’t need to be an ‘expert’ in IT to reap the benefits of new and exciting ways for you to teach, and for children to learn.

Twinkl’s app offerings are educator-led, and developed by teams of passionate and skilled professionals.