9. Mimo

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Company: Mimo

Website: https://getmimo.com/

Founder(s): Johannes Berger, Henry Ameseder, Lorenz Schimik & Dennis Daume


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About Mimo


Mimo believes that coding can open doors to a multitude of opportunities like few other skills can. That’s why they have rallied around the purpose of making coding accessible to as many people as possible. So far, Mimo has been downloaded millions of times and helped thousands of beginners gain the confidence to pursue a developer career.

Frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approach and steep learning curve for building tech skills, Mimo’s founders came together to create something better. Five years later, they have grown into a diverse group of teachers, engineers, strategists, and designers, who’ve helped over six million people take their first step towards learning to code.


The Mimo Team:

  • Has a strong set of values that brings them together: inclusion, fun, trust, passion, transparency, data-driven, and focused on personal growth.
  • Goes all-in understanding our learners’ struggles and helping them towards their goals
  • Are bold and take risks, daring to shoot for the moon to reach their goals
  • Communicates directly and embraces feedback
  • Is a mix of rebels, readers, and rock climbers on a mission to discover the best way to learn to code


Mimo brings topics that normally fill books, classes, and video sessions into bite-size lessons that take no longer than a minute to complete and, therefore, work anytime and anywhere.

Every exercise contains a 140-character introduction, a code snippet to interact with, and immediate feedback after every interaction. As users complete the lessons, they are able to collect points, badges, and other achievements.

Presently, Mimo comes with an introduction to programming for absolute beginners alongside courses on how to make apps, build websites, become a hacker, automate tasks, master the command line, and more. On a regular basis, Mimo’s content grows and will soon cover topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Hardware, Machine Learning.

A limited amount of content on Mimo is free for everyone. Mimo Premium is a subscription for $29.99–49.99. Pro subscribers enable Mimo to teach crucial tech skills to millions of people worldwide for free.