13. OVUM

Company: OVUM

Founder: Jenny Wordsworth

Website: http://startwithovum.com


About OVUM

OVUM is a fertility wellness brand, here to do all it can to shorten your time to pregnancy. We put the trying to conceive (ttc) woman at the forefront of everything we do.

Founder Jenny Wordsworth started OVUM following her own struggle with fertility, and her surprise at finding the market lacked an egg health supplement that contained the best ingredients, in their most bioavailable form and at the right dosages as backed by science. Together with two IVF Doctors, she launched what is now our flagship product – the OVUM Pre-Conception & Ovulation Supplement.

Launching in 2021, OVUM has seen sustained organic growth with its supplement and more recently launched 100% recyclable pregnancy tests. It’s preconception supplement, which contains a patented Micro-Active CoQ10®, is recommended on patient protocols in 12 private IVF clinics, one of which being the renowned Lister clinic.

The 100% recyclable pregnancy tests are a UK first where every single element of the pregnancy test, including the wrapper, desiccants and test itself can be saved from landfill. The FDA and MHRA approved tests also offer immediate access to a guided meditation from a leading Fertility Mindset Coach in the event of a negative result.

OVUM’s mission is to become the leading full service fertility wellness brand who can demonstrate improved fertility outcomes with use of its products. A Series A funding round at the end of the year will see the company raise funds in order to carry out clinical trials with a leading UK institution, launch a new app and their at-home fertility testing service.

As a business, OVUM is…

– B Corp (pending)

– Female Founded

– Donating 20% profits to further research and fertility awareness campaigns

– Certified rePurpose Plastic Negative

– Committed to reviewing its formulas annually making any updates required based on the latest relevant studies.