16. Ava

Company: Ava

Founders: Pascal Koenig, Philipp Tholen, Peter Stein and Lea von Bidder

Website: https://www.avawomen.com/


About Ava

Ava is a Swiss-based femtech company that offers a fertility tracking bracelet and app to help women conceive. The company was founded in 2014 by Pascal Koenig, Philipp Tholen, and Peter Stein, who were inspired by the challenges of trying to conceive and the lack of accurate and reliable fertility tracking technology.

The Ava bracelet is a wearable device that tracks a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, and overall health. The bracelet uses sensors to measure key physiological parameters such as skin temperature, resting pulse rate, and breathing rate, which are then analyzed by the Ava app to provide personalized insights into a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility window.

In addition to the bracelet, Ava also offers a range of educational resources and support to help women understand and manage their fertility. The company is committed to promoting education and awareness around fertility and reproductive health, and works closely with healthcare providers and industry experts to ensure that its products and services are evidence-based and meet the unique needs of women.