2. LactApp

Company: LactApp

Founders: Maria Berruezo, Alba Padro and Enric Pallares

Website: https://lactapp.com/


About LactApp

LactApp is a Spanish femtech startup that offers a mobile app designed to provide breastfeeding support and advice to nursing mothers. The app was founded by two lactation consultants, Alba Padró and Adriana Lozada, who saw a need for a more accessible and personalized way for women to receive breastfeeding support.

LactApp is available in multiple languages and offers a range of features, including personalised advice based on each user’s breastfeeding goals, tracking of feedings and diaper changes, and a breastfeeding class for new mothers. The app also provides answers to common breastfeeding questions, as well as access to a team of lactation consultants who can provide additional support.

One unique aspect of the LactApp is its use of artificial intelligence to provide personalized advice and support to each user. The app’s AI technology analyses each user’s input to provide tailored advice and recommendations that are specific to their individual needs.