20. Womco

Company: Womco

Founder: Annabel de Gheldere

Website: https://www.womco.co.uk

About Womco

Hormones are responsible for so many crucial physiological processes in our bodies, including growth and development, metabolism, and mood regulation. But hormonal health is neglected. Today, 85% of women still suffer from hormonal imbalances with symptoms affecting their daily lives, from menstrual health all the way until menopause.

Now imagine a world where women’s hormonal health was given the attention it deserves right from the start. Meet Womco! The first science-based personalised nutrition solution for hormonal health. Our solution is backed by 20 years of scientific research advancing the food-hormone connection. Women can optimise their hormonal health by eating the right mix of micro and macro nutrients tailored to their unique metabolism and menstrual cycle phase.

There’s a huge opportunity in the space – the UK femtech market is expected to reach a whopping 10 billion by 2025! Our research and studies found that 80% of UK women aged 20-50 are totally down to adapt their diet and nutrition if it can help improve their hormonal health. Plus, since COVID hit, women have been spending 73% more on digital healthcare tools, and half of UK ladies are actively on the lookout for natural ways to regulate their hormones and cycles.

After validating our product with gynaecologists and nutritionists, we have released our private beta in December with amazing organic user feedback and promising results.

We are now raising 500k to launch the app with hormone-testing and food e-commerce integrations, forecasting 25k paying users within year 1.

Last but not least, we want to help women in the workplace by turning Womco into a B2B employee wellness program. We’re also teaming up with the NHS, GPs, and clinics to make Womco a digital therapeutic tool!