22. Hertility Health

Company: Hertility Health

Founder: Helen O’Neill

Website: https://www.hertilityhealth.com


About Hertility Health

Hertility is a reproductive health company supporting women from menstruation through menopause with comprehensive diagnostic at-home testing, telemedicine and treatment. Until now, people with ovaries have been underserved by the healthcare system, so we gathered the best minds in female health and dedicated years to building our medically award-winning improved clinical experience.

Hertility has pioneered the most accurate diagnostic tool in female health to finally give women clarity into what’s going on in their bodies. Currently, in just 10 days, we can provide advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause as well as screening for 18 reproductive health conditions. Hertility’s clinical trials aim to raise the standard of scientific rigour and education in female health to radically reduce the time to diagnosis and fast-track women to specialist care sooner.

For too long, women have been told that their bodies are ‘too complex’ & their health conditions ‘elusive.’ So we set out to make data-driven precision medicine a reality in women’s health, using a machine-learning driven healthcare solution which integrates both a symptom checker and blood testing, delivered to the door.

Women’s health conditions, on average, take a long time to diagnose. Now, using Hertility, women can take our online health assessment, a powerful set of questions built alongside our in-house experts using specialist guidelines, decades of clinical experience & real-world Hertility customer data, to understand exactly what’s going on in their bodies. The combination of answers acts as the first step to diagnosis by calculating someone’s risk profile for 18 potential health conditions with a subset of users actually getting a suspected diagnosis at this point.

Then, our proprietary algorithm takes around 250 risk factors into account to create a personalised hormone panel. The biomarker data from this panel, along with the biometric data from the health assessment makes our report the most accurate diagnostic tool for reproductive health conditions. So, whilst the current time to diagnosis for endometriosis is 8 years, we can tell with 89% accuracy whether someone may have endometriosis in just 10 days.

To date, over 162k women have trusted us to help them understand their bodies. 62% of them uncovered a hormone imbalance & 44% of them got results indicative of a previously undiagnosed health condition. Together, we want to nurture the Mother of all movements – a new generation of women who understand their bodies & take control of their life choices.