26. Mira


Company: Mira

Founder: Sylvia Kang

Website: https://www.miracare.com

About Mira

Mira is a San-Francisco-based company that provides healthcare products for more personal, accurate, and reliable home healthcare. It was founded in late 2015 by a group of scientists, engineers, OBGYN doctors, and business execs to solve the problem of the unavailability of advanced home health testing. The company’s mission is to make home healthcare more personalized and reliable, while empowering people to become more actively involved in managing their health. At Mira it is believed, that owning your data means owning your life-choices.

Mira’s first healthcare product for at-home testing — Mira Fertility — was released in 2018.

Mira Fertility hormone testing lab offers personalized cycle prediction by measuring exact number of hormone concentration in urine samples, telling women their full fertile window, pinpointing ovulation, revealing hormone imbalances, and pregnancy status. Mira is the only home testing product that can measure multiple hormones and track women’s health comprehensively with laboratory-grade accuracy. OB and IVF clinics widely use Mira in order to obtain continuous hormone data to make diagnostic decisions and improve the patient’s experience.

This way Mira offers high detection accuracy and allows doctors to access their patient’s hormonal data and implement it in the following aspects of patients’ fertility journeys:

  • Hormone and fertility tracking
  • Examination and revealing the unexplained fertility issues
  • Monitoring of fertility treatment process.

About 6,7 million of Americans have troubles with conceiving each year. After standard evaluation one-third will face an “unexplained infertility” diagnosis which means doctors can’t pinpoint the issue and provide any guidelines. The world-changing idea behind Mira is to create an accessible, affordable and accurate self-testing tool to provide couples with clarity and guidance. Before this became available, women had to do many invasive and expensive tests on a certain day of their cycle which is stressful and inconvenient itself.

The Mira system has already helped over 50,000 women to conceive naturally, by providing them with actionable insights and guidance.

With Mira, our customers become more aware of their unique health patterns as Mira’s App intelligently guides the user and helps them to interpret the testing results, so they can take more targeted actions to achieve their goal, and have more resultful conversations with their physician.

Under the leadership of Mira’s CEO and co-founder, Sylvia Kang, startup reached self-sufficiency and was able to double its growth each year. Starting from its launch in September 2018, Mira helped over 80,000 women worldwide reach their fertility goals.

At the moment, the company has an international team of 96 employees. During the challenging pandemic year, Mira has shown a 7-fold increase in annual revenue.