43. Riley

Company: Riley

Founders: Lauren Duggan, Aine Kilkenny and Fiona Parfrey

Website: https://weareriley.com/


About Riley

Founded in the midst of the pandemic in 2021, Riley is a disruptive brand on a mission to demystify female health. Three friends Fiona, Lauren and Aine, were all equally frustrated with how underserved female health is and when they discovered the period products they’d been using their whole lives contained unnecessary harmful chemicals, they knew there had to be a better way and felt compelled to do something. The women decided to create superior eco-friendly period care that is better for our bodies and better for our planet, and so Riley was born!

95% of women run out of period care when they need it, so a direct-to-consumer subscription service delivering straight the door was a no-brainer. Having used Shopify for other e-commerce businesses, Fiona knew that it was the perfect platform to get started.

With a low launch budget and no coding experience, the friends-turned-business partners found Shopify incredibly user-friendly to bring a cohesive website with a complex back-end offering to life. Now delivering their period care to over thirty countries and with thousands of active subscribers Riley is thankful Shopify has the solutions for a scaling business as and when they need it.

Alongside serving their community with award-winning products and informative female health content, Riley is passionate about being in business to do good. The business is active in the fight against period poverty, partnering with Positive Period Ireland and Development Pamoja. To date, the start-up that is less than two years old has donated over 30,000 pads to those that need them and also educated over 2,500 young students in Kenya about menstrual health.

With a small team of six, the Riley co-founders are incredibly proud that the Shopify website has been designed and managed end-to-end in-house. The available Shopify apps and best-in-class customer service has made figuring out the right UX solutions a relatively straightforward process. Making high quality sustainable period care more accessible is just the first step for this growing business. Ultimately Riley’s vision is to be a trusted lifelong female health brand and the team are excited to bring more ideas they have to life.