6. Niramai

Company: Niramai

Founder: Dr Geetha Manjunath

Website: https://www.niramai.com/


About Niramai

NIRAMAI is a non-contact, non-invasive way of screening for breast abnormalities. It is the only privacy-aware automated solution that can detect early-stage breast cancer.

The Niramai thermal device is placed 3 feet in front of the patient and captures 5 thermal images of the region. Niramai software tool automatically analyses these images and sends the analysis report that is certified by a Senior Radiologist.

NIRAMAI is the pioneer of a patented technology called Thermalytix© which is a novel fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Thermography for Breast Screening. The novel AI and ML algorithms for the analysis of thermal images have resulted in Nine granted US patents and many more patent applications.