How Accounting Firm Fully Accountable Began

After growing 2 eight figure businesses with fast growth, many customers and low margin, Vinnie and his team were scaling an 8-figure health company with low margins once again. He discovered an issue in his back office accounting department for the high transactions health company that was outdated and not equipped to operate in real time allowing the company to make decisions to stop its leaky cash flow bucket and double the profit margin. Vinnie looked outside his company in the industry and discovered that no real solution to this problem existed.

Accounting and finance especially offered by large firms and mom and pops had not addressed this need for business with fast growth and many daily transactions. He first solved this problem for their health company and quickly realized that the need was far greater than just for his company.  Vinnie founded Fully Accountable, an outsourced full service cutting edge accounting firm that helps eCommerce companies, consumer packaged goods businesses, tech agencies, SaaS companies and digital media firms.



The greatest challenge for Fully Accountable to overcome was adding innovation into the way an outsourced service was providing a fully managed accounting and finance department to small and medium sized businesses with high transactions.   There were a couple issues to overcome; first, there was a gap in small and medium sized businesses whereby they could not afford to hire all four of the primary positions to operate the department.  The budget would not allow for an executive bookkeeper, data analyst, controller (accountant) and a CFO.

The second issue was the accounting and finance industry itself.  Large big 4 firms on one end and mom and pop CPA firms on the other end dominate providing this service to the industry.  Sadly, both are offering a service that is old, outdated and not equipped to operate a fully managed back office for fast growing, high transactions companies.

So we stepped in and created an affordable and highly effective solution that offered a fully managed back office, staffing a full department (4 positions)  for the cost of less than having an accountant on your internal team.  Better yet, we also developed our own enterprise solution to overcome the tech gap between the company and the department to allow for real-time reporting and maximum ways to double the profit margin of the company.

Our mission is to help 10,000 companies double their profit margins.  The largest waste item in good growing companies is the loss of cash flow as it grows.  82% of companies go out of business due to waste of their hard earned money.  We knew this had to stop if we wanted to see real innovation in this industry.

Today we are happy to announce that we are serving hundreds of client companies in North America by offering an innovative solution to operating a fully managed back office solution for your accounting and finance department.

Fully Accountable has an excellent reputation of expertise and professionalism in our industry. One key to success is the same key to our growth: we service only the eCommerce and digital industry. That strategic move allows us to train excellence and consistency in how we deliver our service across all of our clients. Our team members are trained in the core elements of accountancy and finance, which means you can rest easy knowing your business will be handled with care by professionals who know what they’re doing.

During the pandemic, Fully Accountable created more ways for team members to share their personal life and experiences with one another. These were just some of the ways they used to maintain morale during a difficult time. One example is through our in-house software, YBO.

Every Monday we send a company-wide email asking for a “Weekly Win” and the response has been tremendous. When each member of the team has a chance to share their recent accomplishment or event, the mood is elevated for everyone. It can be anything from reaching a goal, to seeing or talking with friends and family, or simply having an enjoyable weekend. This keeps all members in the loop with one another and motivates them to stay positive during hard times.

Another example goes under the category of R&D. Three of our executives attended a 3-Part Seminar on Remote Workforce Management that included Coaching Remotely, Developing a Virtual Culture of Growth, and Virtual Feedback and Development. They learned how to manage remote workers more effectively by coaching remotely, creating a virtual culture for growth during the seminar, and providing virtual feedback for employees’ development.



This seminar was hosted only with the most elite, sought-after MBA level instructors who have achieved the highest teaching evaluations and are published in globally acclaimed publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and dozens of internationally acclaimed journals.

The Fully Accountable team took plenty of useful notes from the seminar and got to brainstorm ways they can increase efficiency with their remote teams. They enjoyed hearing about how other companies have solved similar issues, especially when it comes to communication skills such as video chats and using different tools for more efficient communication. Another lesson learned from the team was psychological safety and providing for employees, which in turn creates an asset with psychological safety as well.