Frank Continues To Provide Access To Aid And Budget Classes

Frank, the leading and fastest-growing financial wellness platform that serves more than 5 million students and front-line workers in the US, is one of the leading financial aid organisations helping students to and through the college debt crisis. In addition to a simplified FAFSA® form that helps students and their families better understand the complicated process of financial aid, Frank launched discount course options in December 2020 with ClassFinder.

“Frank’s mission of making college more affordable has been embraced by more than 5.3 million students and their families who are looking to build a strong financial foundation for their future,” said Charlie Javice, CEO and founder of Frank.

The 5.3 million students who use Frank have unlocked billions in tuition savings and are three times more likely to complete FAFSA®. Whether it’s access to FAFSA® application students understand and love, connecting them with scholarship opportunities, or encouraging students to advocate for themselves via aid appeal — Frank provides an all-encompassing college life-cycle resource that helps students navigate to brighter financial futures.  Since it was founded in 2017, Frank’s on-demand financial aid experts are proud to serve families from highly diverse backgrounds: 40% are minorities, 68% are women, and 80% are low-medium income.

Frank has built a reputation for developing and releasing content, with over 1,000 pieces of unique articles and resources, to help students understand, plan, and conquer financial aid hurdles. With over 5 million students served by financial aid experts, gaining access to millions in financial aid grants and loans — Frank continues to see growth year over year.

As the need for more financial aid services increases, Frank continues to expand their offerings from just FAFSA® to incredible partnerships with financial institutions, workforce benefits, and so much more.


About Frank

Frank was created in 2017 by 28-year-old female founder Charlie Javice to make college more affordable for millions of Americans and help them achieve financial wellness in their lives. More than 5.3 million students have benefited from Frank’s financial aid services on their path to higher education. The Frank platform includes an easy-to-navigate FAFSA® application form, Classfinder marketplace for shopping for online courses, and resources to help students navigate a variety of financial situations. Existing investors include: Chegg; Aleph, the U.S.-Israeli investment fund that also funded Lemonade; Reach Capital; former Uber advocate Bradley Tusk’s Tusk Ventures; Slow Ventures; SVB; and Marc Rowan, the co-founder of Apollo Global Management, one of the largest private equity firms in the world.