How To Make Sure You Get The Best Deals on Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, taking place on November 26th 2021. This is typically the biggest shopping day of the year with many customers looking to save money in the run up to Christmas during a time when most major retailers will offer significant discounts on their products. With that in mind, what is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best deal on Black Friday?


Shop Online

Shopping online offers many benefits, the main one being you do not actually have to leave your house and instead are free to browse from the comfort of your own home. This also means that you can access multiple online retailers easily, without having to physically travel from store to store. It also means that any products purchased should be automatically delivered to your house or selected drop point, which can be useful if you are purchasing larger or heavier items.

A major advantage here is that you can compare prices of similar products with just the click of a button. Shopping online can save time, and on Black Friday, it will also save you some extra cash.


Price Match

Many major retailers will offer price matching throughout the year, with Black Friday being no exception. Stores such as John Lewis offer to lower the price of their products if a customer finds an alternative store selling it for a reduced price, meaning that products can be purchased from reputable and respected stores for the same price as the alternatives.

This can be particularly beneficial to customers looking to make expensive purchases, helping them to save more money than usual. Buying expensive products from reputable stores can also be beneficial as expensive products will usually come with a warranty or guarantee, meaning that if an item does need fixing or replacing, the retailer should be able to facilitate this.

If a retailer you are wishing to purchase a product from does not offer a price matching option, you should still be able to purchase the product from the alternative store with the increased discount.


Use Discount Codes

Many websites such as the Money Saving Expert offer advice and potential discount codes for major retailers year round, and there should be more than usual available on Black Friday. Companies may also offer discount codes for students or loyal customers, which may be sent through emails. Be sure to check all email folders on Black Friday week to ensure you haven’t missed out on a great deal.

Discount codes may also be available and advertised via social media platforms, so make sure you keep an eye out for any good deals advertised by popular brands. Not all discount codes will be applied on top of the discounted item on Black Friday as it is already being offered for a reduced price, so make sure you calculate whether you would save more money on a normal shopping day through the use of a discount code, or buying it with the retailer’s discount applied on Black Friday.


Make a List

Being organised in advance of Black Friday can be really beneficial if this is when you plan to do most of your Christmas shopping. Making a list can help you to prioritise which stores to visit first and which products you are searching for across the retailers.

Failing to be organised may mean that other customers purchase your desired products first, causing them to sell out. Products which are usually expensive throughout the year may be massively discounted, leading to an increased demand on Black Friday. Making a list means you are more likely to search straight for the products you know you’re after, without being sidelined by alternatives.

Many online retailers also have a wishlist feature available through customers’ accounts or mobile applications, allowing their customers who are online shopping to favourite items which will then be added to a private list only visible to them. Creating a wishlist can be useful as it allows you to click on a direct link to your desired product simply by accessing the wishlist, meaning that you can immediately see if there is a discount offered. If so, you can immediately add the product to your basket without the hassle of searching for it specifically.