It’s About Time the $12.9 Billion Esports Industry is Accepted by Mainstream Gambling Companies

Gambling on esports is growing in popularity across the UK. The UK sent out more esport related tweets than any other European country in 2018. Millions of people across the globe are now watching and betting in esports tournaments, leading many in the mainstream casino industry like vying to break into this new and emerging market.

As it currently stands, leading gambling organisations are yet to include esports as part of their main line-ups, because many still perceive it as being too niche. However, the growing popularity of esports means that this emerging sport can no longer be ignored. Many in the casino industry estimate that the esports betting market will be worth $12.9 billion by 2020. In fact 82% of commercial casino owners want to host esport events this year.

Some sceptics fear that data is too difficult to obtain and therefore it’s a struggle for bookmakers to establish accurate odds. To counter this issue major companies in the esports world are trying to introduce clearer data practices, making it easier for bookmakers to get their hands on the relevant data. If data becomes more accessible, bookmakers will be far more willing to accept esports into mainstream casino industry.

Many bookmakers see the potential in esports and are particularly interested in the live streaming experiences offered at most esport tournaments. The massive improvement in live streaming technology has improved the quality of streaming. This infrastructure already present in the esports world is really appealing for bookmakers, who can offer exclusive features for live streamers to make betting more interactive than it’s ever been before.

There is so much potential in the world of esports and it appears as though the industry is going to continue prospering. It feels as though this will be the year that esports is finally accepted into the mainstream gambling world.