12. Ctrl Alt

Company: Ctrl Alt

Founder: Matt Ong

Website: https://www.ctrl-alt.co



About Ctrl Alt


Matt Ong is a visionary leader and entrepreneur in the financial technology and tokenisation sector. Matt’s idea for Ctrl Alt came from his lived experience of wanting to invest in alternative assets like property but being frustrated by the barriers to entry. From the capital needed to the endless legal paperwork, Ong felt that it was an unnecessarily complicated process and that there had to be a simpler way.

At the time, he had been working at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse for the better part of a decade and day-to-day was creating financial products for the wealthiest in society and yet, he had no access to them.

Ctrl Alt was born to solve this problem. Ong took his knowledge of the sector and coupled it with his frustration with the lack of access for himself and so many more. Ctrl Alt has since become the leading expert in the sector with Matt playing a pivotal role in opening up the previously exclusive world of alternative asset investing.

By empowering businesses to be at the forefront of the growing tokenised asset sector from Fund Managers to FinTechs, Ctrl Alt is leading the way for opening up structuring and investing in a diverse range of asset classes including private equity, green energy, and more.



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