17. Strabo

Company: Strabo

Founder: Ben Waterman

Website: https://www.strabo.app



About Strabo


Hey Team! We’re Strabo – the Notion for personal finance. Think intuitive, customisable dashboards to walk you, your family, and your financial adviser through every investing decision you ever make. We started in 2021 after being left dissatisfied with every investing platform you’ve heard of, and many you haven’t. We felt that B2C platforms lacked the customisability and depth of adviser platforms, and the adviser platforms lacked the friendly UI, simplicity and ease of use of the consumer platforms.

Despite starting with no tech team or experience to speak of, we built an MVP using the no-code tool Bubble, launched to 150 of our network and raised a pre-seed round to move to a full tech stack. Since then we’ve launched publicly to 2500 users, built out customisable dashboards, multi-currency solutions and investment analytics and opened an office in Malta too! We’re going to re-imagine the way consumers and advisers manage investments and inject some much-needed creativity to an outdated and inert space. Stay tuned!



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