Company: AAZZUR

Founders: Philipp Buschmann, Martin Damaske and Richard Unger

Website: https://www.aazzur.com/





Since we founded AAZZUR, we have been at the forefront of disrupting the banking and financial services sector, making significant strides toward a more integrated and user-friendly banking experience for businesses, both within and outside of the financial services industry.

We are a leader in the fintech orchestration space, and our mission is crystal clear: to be the one-stop shop for fintech services for corporates and SMEs. We work with medium-sized companies up to and including some Fortune 100 companies and seamlessly connect them to a host of financial services.

Our innovative platform includes over 70 Smart Finance Blocks (SFBs) which include tailored, smart financial services and products that corporates and medium-sized enterprises can mix and match, according to their needs. We ensure that our clients receive customisable products complete with their own UX design and branding.

Our SFBs include products and services within retail banking, card payments, wealth and investments, embedded lending, and insurances and we pride ourselves on not merely being app builders or service providers, but visionaries redefining the ecosystem of banking through our unique approach to service integration.

We have been recognised in this space by top-tier platforms, events, and publications, including inclusion in Techround’s FinTech50 2023, Sifted’s EU Startup to watch, and listed in the Tec 100. We have been invited to speak at Europe’s Money20/20 event and were also named Rising Stars 2023 by FinTech Innovators. We understand the importance of industry networking and learning and programs we have attended include, Tech Stars, RBL an innovation from Alior Bank, Tenity, FinTech Innovation Lab, and Plug and Play.

Our approach is not just about offering banking services but about crafting a smarter, data-driven banking experience that anticipates and fulfils customer needs intuitively.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our platform’s ability to amalgamate multiple services into a cohesive offering for corporates and SMEs underscores our commitment to revolutionising the banking experience. This is achieved through cutting-edge technology including modular front-end services, AI-driven product recommendations, and personalised banking solutions, all secured with single-sign-on technology.

Our ecosystem, comprising BaaS providers, API-based fintech service providers, and a comprehensive range of financial services, is designed to empower enterprises, financial service companies, and scale-ups to offer their customers unmatched financial freedom and engagement.

As we look to the future, we envision a world where financial services are not only integrated but are smarter and more interconnected. Our technology and vision aim to empower consumers with better financial services, making them richer in every aspect of their lives. This vision is supported by our founders – Philipp, Martin, and Richard – whose vast experience in creating challenger banks, BaaS platforms, and fintech strategies drives our mission forward.

Our commitment to customer-centricity, sustainability, and personalisation sets us apart as leaders in the financial technology space and, as we look to the future, AAZZUR envisions a world where financial services are not only integrated but are smarter and more interconnected.



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