22. Auriga

Company: Auriga

Founder: Vincenzo Fiore

Website: https://www.aurigaspa.com/en/




About Auriga


Vincenzo Fiore is the founder and CEO of Auriga, the major independent international multivendor automated teller machine (ATM) and assisted service terminal (ASST) software provider in Western Europe. Auriga provides software and technology solutions for the banking and payments industries, and are a specialist provider of innovative omnichannel solutions to banks and other financial institutions.

The ATM is the original fintech device and Vincenzo created Auriga with the aim to revolutionise ATMs, creating a powerful, integrated, and secure self-service banking channel to gain competitive advantage and boost profitability. To achieve these goals successfully, Vincenzo led a team of ATM software developers and engineers to create Auriga’s innovative WinWebServer (WWS) solution. This is a modular offering that provides feature-focused and personalised banking services through all channels including mobile, PCs, ATMs, and kiosks.

Starting as a small Italian operation in 1992, Vincenzo led the international growth of Auriga. Today, Auriga’s multivendor solutions are deployed in over 74 percent of ATMs in Italy. This fintech vendor has a presence in UK, Spain, Belgium, Poland, and Mexico, and is expanding operations directly and through partners in Western and Eastern Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Auriga is one of the leaders in driving the use of AI and machine learning in customer-facing banking applications. In 2017, Auriga launched a cash management solution which uses predictive cash modelling and machine learning to optimise cash replenishment in ATMs. More recently, in 2022, Auriga introduced an AI-driven chatbot, IOLE, as part of their Bank4Me solution. As this technology can be integrated into assisted digital teller solutions and smart virtual assistants, it can also be used to provide financial management advice for customers.

Auriga has expanded its fintech solution with specialist cyber-security capabilities when it acquired Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) a cybersecurity solution. This move ensured that LDM became a core and fully integrated part of Auriga’s overall software portfolio, which created resilient security capabilities and cyber risk management which protect growth in digital financial services across all channels.

Most recently, Auriga announced a new contract with Nationwide, the world’s largest building society, to provide a new software solution to run, manage and secure their ATMs across their UK branch network. In addition to this, Auriga’s out of the box integration will enable Nationwide to be at the foreground of payments innovation.

Auriga began as a small operation, but has grown within Italy and globally to drive fintech innovation for ATMs, ASSTs and for financial services institutions.




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