24. Perane and Co

Company: Perane and Co

Founder: Bruce Cane

Website: https://perane.co.uk



About Perane and Co


Perane is a specialist inheritance recovery company which searches, locates and reunites individuals, families and charities with their rightful inheritances.

Estate administration can often be tricky. Professionals and those charged with the task can sometimes miss assets, particularly shareholdings. These may only come to light after the estate is settled, but in many cases the rightful owners are unaware and by that point professionals and others think their duties are complete.

There’s currently an estimated £50 billion in unclaimed or lost assets held by UK financial institutions.

Perane’s proprietary technology, developed over the last two years, gives us exclusive access to vast and previously inaccessible databases to search for dormant and unclaimed assets. This allows Perane’s team to work with families and charities to repatriate the funds using our expertise in the dormant asset landscape and its detailed knowledge of the documentation required for this type of asset recovery from financial institutions.

Currently we estimate that between 2% and 3% of searches reveal shareholdings dating back to the 1990s that probate has failed to uncover during estate administration. Vast numbers of families, individuals and charities will benefit from the work being conducted by Perane using this new and pioneering software.

So far, with a small team based in Norfolk, the business has recovered and distributed £10 million in lost assets, including £965,000 for just one client.

We have identified almost £2 million pounds in legacy bequests left to charities alone and have repatriated more than £125,000 each to the RNLI and Salvation Army, to name just two. This money, much needed by charities in the current financial climate, would never have been located by the organisations themselves.




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