37. Mangopay

Company: Mangopay

Founders: Romain Mazeries, CEO, & Celine Lazorthes

Website: https://mangopay.com/




About Mangopay


Mangopay was created in 2013 to power the success of the platform economy and provide a comprehensive, modular payments infrastructure for platforms and marketplaces. Built around its programmable e-wallet solution, Mangopay’s unique, end-to-end infrastructure is suitable for every platform business model across different sectors and covers all payment needs, with seamless integration and total flexibility.

Mangopay now has more than 235 million end users of its services, has processed more than €50bn pay-in transaction volume and manages sellers in more than 170 countries. Mangopay supports a wide range of platforms across Europe, such as Vinted, Wallapop, Maisons du Monde, Chrono24, La Redoute and Rakuten, providing cutting-edge payment engines that accelerate growth and ensure compliance with all relevant payments and security regulations in the UK and EU.

The company was founded in Paris and now has its headquarters in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Madrid, Berlin, Dublin and Warsaw. Last year Mangopay was granted an e-money licence from the FCA, enabling the business it supports to issue electronic money, facilitate digital payments and provide a range of other payment solutions to help its clients navigate the complexities of digital commerce for international growth.

In November 2023, Mangopay launched its end-to-end FX solution that allows its customers to implement multi-currency pricing, local settlements and treasury management at any point in the payment flow, without being limited to converting currencies during pay-in or payout.

Mangopay equips customers with sophisticated AI-powered security tools, bolstered by its acquisition of fraud detection and prevention specialist, Nethone. This enables Mangopay to protect businesses from fraud at every touchpoint of the platform workflow, including account takeover and account opening fraud with behavioural biometrics and device fingerprinting to identify and block bad online accounts in real time.

In March 2024, Mangopay’s fraud prevention technology won a Fintech Breakthrough Award.



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