40. BlueSnap


Company: BlueSnap

Founder: Henry Helgeson

Website: https://www.bluesnap.com/




About BlueSnap


BlueSnap is the only payment platform for leading mid-market businesses that offers global payments with just one account. This single account gives businesses access to a suite of solutions including global payments, embedded payments, and invoicing & billing. Founded in 2002 and backed by Great Hill Partners and Parthenon Capital Partners, BlueSnap is set to accelerate its growth with newly appointed CEO, Henry Helgeson.

Henry’s vision for BlueSnap’s growth focuses on three pillars: global, B2B and partners.

Businesses operating globally usually have a patchwork of payment providers or need to juggle reconciliation across several disparate accounts. BlueSnap’s technology dramatically improves the business operations and payment success by offering local acquiring in 47 countries, 100s of currencies and payment types, and global payment optimization tools – all with just one global account.

On the B2B front, historically B2B payments have lagged behind consumer-focused payments. BlueSnap’s innovative platform avails businesses with solutions for a multitude of use cases – from invoicing and billing to AR automation, subscriptions and ecommerce – all with same ease of use and focus on customer experience normally reserved for consumer businesses. This allows businesses to improve operations, streamline payments across multiple business units and get paid faster. Businesses operating across borders, in multiple regions, and with separate business units get consolidated views and easy reconciliation with unified reporting globally.

Key to BlueSnap’s global and B2B growth is having a strong network of partners (Independent Software Vendors – ISVs – and SaaS platforms), including NetSuite, BigCommerce, and Zuora. Partnering with ERP, ecommerce, subscription and other platforms, Bluesnap makes global payments available without businesses having to change their back-office systems.

ISVs and SaaS platforms integrate or embed payments into their software to generate revenue, improve customer experience for financial services, and increase product value for their customer base. By choosing BlueSnap, ISVs get all these benefits at a global scale with a simplified one-account structure.

BlueSnap serves thousands of customers and partners worldwide, including global brands such as Ford Credit, Schneider, Monday.com, Veracross, Benevity and Arbonne International. With modular global technology that can be tailored to a business’s unique needs and a team of payment experts who want to help businesses, ISVs and SaaS Platforms get the most out of payments, BlueSnap’s global payment solutions are engineered to deliver a return on investment and drive a business’s bottom line.



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