43. Star

Company: Star

Founder: Juha Christensen

Website: https://star.global/




About Star


In summary: Star is a global consultancy helping big banks behave more like startups and assists challengers in scaling. This year, they’ve launched a highly innovative framework, 10Forward, which revolutionizes how firms envision the future of fintech.

Star is a global innovation partner and consultancy transforming possibilities into real-world impacts for disruptive startups and ambitious enterprises. Specializing in the fintech space, they integrate industrial and technical expertise to build transformative solutions and experiences tailored to their clients’ long-term visions, operational realities, and end-users.

Founded in 2008 by Juha Christensen, Star has always been committed to being nimble and quick, demonstrating concrete ROI to justify venture capital funding. This approach has enabled them to deliver quality client services and continuous innovation.

This year, Star’s future-gazing trend report, 10Forward, has changed the way readers interact with future trends and ideas, providing an immersive experience and outlining possibilities along the lines of social, economic, and technological axes. This offering is designed to help leaders plan for possibilities across many sectors.

Star’s consultancy experience spans large and small businesses through different sectors. In fintech, they have reinvented the shopping experience with Paidy, provided people-first payment solutions for Monavate, streamlined processes for Expensify, and empowered personal finance mobile solutions in Japan for Moneytree.

Their work with Monavate developed a comprehensive, tech-enabled compliance and card scheme sponsorship platform. It offers enhanced functionality and efficiency for various sectors and encompasses a wide array of financial services including BIN sponsorship, card processing, bank transfers, cardless cash withdrawals, account reconciliation, and extensive CRM and customer support options. Their new approach now handles IBAN and transaction-related processes in just 0.2 milliseconds. Bulk card orders are processed in 350 milliseconds and it has achieved a 95% success rate on simultaneous IBAN-related processes.

Star’s fintech arm specializes in turning ideas into scalable, stress-tested MVPs by providing the strategic rigor, technical expertise, and product leadership needed to bring those ideas to market efficiently. Their solutions offer comprehensive services from design research and digital design to cloud engineering, DevOps, and software engineering, ensuring a holistic approach to product development.




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