8. Hastee

James Herbert, Founder and CEO of Hastee

Company: Hastee

Founder(s): James Herbert

Website: https://www.hastee.com

Business: Revolutionising the way people are paid, for the better, by giving workers access to a portion of their earned pay.




About Hastee


Hastee is an Earnings on Demand platform providing a new payment solution to help businesses improve their financial wellbeing offering.

The company want to champion financial freedom as the traditional monthly pay cycles restrict this, supporting over 400 businesses across a variety of industries – from healthcare to hospitality and manufacturing to construction – to enable their workers to receive a portion of their monthly salary on the day they earn it.

For employees, this increases personal liquidity and promotes positive financial habits over negative ones, such as debt reliance. And for companies, this means more engaged, happier and less financially stressed staff, leading to increased productivity.




Unlike anyone else in this space, Hastee are always free to businesses and with no impact on their cash flow. The company are built on a cloud-native platform and can easily be integrated with other technologies making the onboarding process seamless for HR and payroll to implement.

Hastee is additionally built to support organisations who may not have a solid system in play, as their technology can automatically extract data from various sources in the business to offer Earnings on Demand to employees without technology integrations.

Hastee are also safe and secure, protecting both the business and their workers, as workers can only withdraw what they have earned that month. There is also background monitoring of unusual behaviour through wellbeing algorithms, and the company help support money management as the platform will automatically prompt empathetic assistance, directing users to free helpful resources if it seems they need it.