1. PensionBee


Company: PensionBee

Founder(s): Romi Savova and Jonathan Lister Parsons

Website: https://www.pensionbee.com/

Business: An online platform which helps to organise all your old pensions into one new and straightforward plan.




About PensionBee

Founded in 2014, and later launched in 2016, by Romi Savova and Jonathan Lister Parsons, PensionBee is an online pension service which combines all your old pensions into one easy-to-use, accessible platform. Through the PensionBee platform, customers have instant access to their pension balance, and are able to plan out savings via the site’s calculator services.

PensionBee was inspired by founder Romi Savova’s own personal struggle with pension schemes. Even for a finance professional like Savova, the CEO found the process of organising all her old pensions from previous employments unnecessarily complicated and tedious. Upon discovering that she wasn’t alone, and that organising pension schemes was a stressful challenge for many, PensionBee was born.

The PensionBee platform is fast and easy to use, with all personal pension details (e.g. savings plan and overall balance) clearly displayed. The service also comes with superb customer support when necessary, able to guide customers through any and all elements of the PensionBee process.

The PensionBee users’ money is managed by some big names in money management, including State Street Global Advisors, BlackRock and Legal & General. In addition to this, the business is regulated by the UK’s financial watchdog the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), ensuring all money passing through the site is managed in a secure and correct way.

The online platform now has over 167,000 customers, and is passionate about developing the top UK pension service.