6. Roundups

Company: Roundups

Founder(s): Sean Donnelly and Matthew Smithson

Website: https://www.roundups.org

Business: Round up and donate pennies as you spend.




About Roundups


Roundups was first established in October 2019, and launched their web app in November 2020. Roundups is a Tech for Good startup intent on revolutionising the way we give, and the way we interact with our giving. It is an app that links with your card to round up your payments, donate pennies and track your social impact as you spend. Donors can choose a charity, round up to 10p, 50p or £1 and set a weekly cap on donations.

The purpose of Roundups is to put altruism everywhere, wanting to make it an active part of everyday lives, behaviour and identities. In doing so, the company aim to help people feel more connected, more fulfilled and happier as a result. Roundups is just the start.




UK charities are losing more than £80m a year as cash donations continue to decline. Meanwhile, modern donors care deeply about social impact but demand fast, rewarding and highly personal experiences from brands. Charities are communicate social impact with boring emails and impact reports that nobody reads. This does not meet the new experience benchmark. Roundups solves both sides of this problem.

Roundups are currently working with over 50 charities including GOSH, Blue Cross, and The Rainforest Trust to build the future of giving.