2. Gaia

nader alsalim

Company: Gaia

Founder(s): Nader AlSalim

Website: https://gaiafamily.com/

Description: Gaia builds an individual insurance plan using a predictive model, based on over 1 million past treatment cycles. After users complete a Gaia profile, the algorithm predicts chances of success across 6 IVF rounds. They then create a Gaia Plan, insuring users for the number of rounds where they have at least a 75% chance of success.





About Gaia

IVF is renowned for being an expensive process, which makes the financial planning difficult, especially as the process is not guaranteed to work the first or second time. Many people who want to take part in IVF have to wait to save up for additional cycles, which also reduce chances of success.

Nader AlSalim, founder of Gaia, had personally experienced IVF and wanted to insure against the risk of IVF failure. The team at Gaia therefore decided to build a model which could predict the chances of success during IVF and simultaneously suggest how many cycles should likely be needed to achieve it successfully.

Gaia began raising investor funding based on an insurance product that would successfully manage the cost of IVF through payment plans, with the idea being that they would pay out if the IVF process failed.

While designing their product, Gaia’s first learning was that an insurer must always begin considering the worst-case scenario, as opposed to the best possible outcome. They learnt that for insurers to work with customers in such situations it was going to be critical to take real care to construct a product shaped around careful treatment of any potential clients.

With Gaia, for each round of IVF undertaken an initial fee is paid, and if it is not successful no more money is owed. If the round is successful, the customer can pay back the treatment costs with 0% interest over a year. The cost for the treatment is fixed, and there is support available from Gaia at all times.





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