10 Apps and Startups That Help Track Your Fasting This Ramadan

Ramadan holds the ninth position in the Islamic lunar calendar and is deeply sacred for Muslims. This period is devoted to fasting, prayer, contemplation, and fostering community bonds.

Fasting takes place from sunrise until sunset, breaking the fast with evening meals. The commencement of Ramadan is signaled by the phase of the moon, so it may be different starting times across different regions.


What Is Ramadan For?


This sacred month is a time to commemorate the initial revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. It is a season for Muslims to introspect and concentrate on spiritual health. Observing fasts during Ramadan is a fundamental practice, representing a period for inner cleansing and recommitment to faith.


How Can Tech Help With Fasting?


As we have entered the month of Ramadan, its important to find resources available to make the most of fasting.

Luckily, with technology and digital offerings, there are countless apps and tools available for this. There are apps that help with tracking and recording your fasting journey, so that you have everything all in one app!

Below are 10 apps that could help with tracking this Ramadan:


1. BodyFast




BodyFast is an app designed for those who are fasting. It’s designed for both beginners and those experienced in fasting. Offering over ten fasting plans such as 16-8 or 5-2, the app guides you through each fasting process.

Users receive a personalised fasting plan weekly, coupled with daily coaching sessions filled with motivation and tips. Also, BodyFast offers a water tracker, weight and body measurement tracking, and over 100 recipes to break with, aimed at making your fasting journey successful.


2. Unimeal



Unimeal offers meal tracking, and it’s also designed to help establish new healthy habits. With personalised meal plans and a library filled with step-by-step recipes, Unimeal aims to break dietary barriers.

The app focuses on motivation and education, providing interactive articles and lessons to understand your body better. Available in six languages, Unimeal’s global reach is evidenced by its usage in over 150 countries.


3. Fasting Tracker



Fasting Tracker is an app designed to guide users through fasting. It is also made for helping users feel more active without the need for dieting. The app supports various fasting plans and offers a user-friendly interface to track your fasting and eating periods.

It also provides a fasting timer, weight tracking, and scientific information about the changes your body undergoes during fasting. Suitable for beginners and experienced fasters alike, it’s also an effective tool for those looking to improve their health through fasting.


4. Zero


Zero is a holistic approach to health and wellness. Supporting intermittent fasting as well, Zero also focuses on mindful eating, sustainable movement, rhythmic sleeping, and holistic restoration.

With millions of members having lost weight and reversed diseases, Zero offers a path towards lasting health improvements.


5. LIFE Fasting



LIFE Fasting app supports intermittent fasting while promoting weight loss and metabolic health improvement. Recognised by top health platforms, LIFE has aided millions in managing blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation.

The app supports all fasting styles, offers social circles for motivation, and keeps you informed with the latest health news. With tools for tracking fasting, weight, and health metrics, LIFE Fasting is your companion for a healthier lifestyle.



6. Simple



Simple is a health improvement tool and tracker. With over 303,000 5-star reviews, Simple uses AI, science, and technology to help you reach weight loss goals stress-free.

Features like food logging, instant meal feedback, and personal wellness assistant Avo™ make it stand out. Simple has helped users change their relationship with food and improve overall wellness, proving its effectiveness in fostering healthy habits.


7. Window

Window is an intermittent fasting app that provides a personalised approach to fasting. For those observing Ramadan, it can be a helpful tool to track fasting periods and eating windows.

The app offers a fasting timer, weight and water intake tracking, and reminders for fasting periods. Window also provides healthy eating insights and recipes.

With premium features like personalised fasting programs and meal plans, it supports users in maintaining balanced nutrition during Ramadan.

8. Ate

Ate is a unique app focused on mindful eating, which can be particularly beneficial during Ramadan. It allows users to photo journal their meals, promoting awareness and mindfulness about food choices.

This approach can help users maintain a balanced diet and avoid overeating during iftar. Ate encourages reflection on eating habits and emotions, aiding in developing a healthier relationship with food during the fasting month.

9. Noom

Noom is not only a weight loss app but it also makes use of behavioural science to help users build sustainable habits. During Ramadan, Noom can assist in managing eating habits and making healthier food choices when breaking the fast.

It provides psychological insights and coaching to help users navigate fasting challenges, ensuring they maintain a healthy approach throughout the month.

10. DoFasting

DoFasting is designed to support various intermittent fasting methods, making it suitable for Ramadan. It offers fasting, water, and steps trackers, along with a personalised quiz to understand users’ needs better.

The app includes more than 5,000 recipes, helping users plan nutritious meals for iftar and suhoor. DoFasting also provides workout routines that can be adjusted to fit low-energy periods during fasting, supporting physical well-being throughout Ramadan.