10 Apps And Tech To Combat Loneliness In 2024

In 2022, nearly half of UK adults reported feeling lonely at times, as reported by What Works Centre for Wellbeing. These stats show a growing common problem in our society.

With over 3.83 million people feeling lonely ‘often or always’, it’s clear that loneliness is an issue that affects many aspects of our lives, be it mental health wise, or with workplace productivity.

This has motivated the creation of innovative apps aimed at addressing loneliness, providing platforms for people to connect, share interests, and find support. These apps offer some with hope, showing that technology can play a positive role in bringing people together and creating a sense of community in the digital age.


1. Replika



Replika is an AI companion app designed to offer conversation and emotional support 24/7. It learns from interactions, aiming to provide company and ease feelings of loneliness.

Users can chat, share experiences, and grow with their personal AI, which adapts to their personality and preferences. Many find solace in Replika’s judgement-free space, making it a friendly presence for those seeking a listening ear.


2. Peanut


Peanut is a social app that connects women through different stages of life. It’s a place for mothers, those pregnant or trying to conceive, and women navigating menopause to find support and friendship.

On Peanut, you can meet others nearby, chat one-on-one or in groups, join discussions, and participate in live audio conversations. Trusted by over 5 million women, it’s a platform designed to combat loneliness by fostering a network of understanding and shared experiences.


3. Happify



Happify is a mental health app designed to help you break negative patterns and develop positive habits. With strategies from positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, it offers activities to manage feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety.

Accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer, Happify fits into your routine, promising gradual but real improvements in happiness. It’s a self-care tool that measures your emotional well-being, providing games and exercises for a more satisfying, negativity-resistant life.

Join millions who’ve seen a shift in their happiness score and overall contentment with Happify’s science-backed approach.


4. Badoo (Previously Known As Huggle)


Badoo encourages genuine connections with its advanced tech that weeds out fake profiles, ensuring you chat with real people. It empowers you to confidently present yourself and pursue meaningful relationships.

Whether you’re looking to chat, date, or find long-term companionship, Badoo adapts to your changing needs, fostering real interactions that can help alleviate feelings of loneliness. Form deep conversations and meet individuals who share your intentions, without the wait for a match.



5. iHappy



iHappy is a dating app designed to help you find your soulmate easily by matching you with people based on your preferences, personality, and outlook on life. You can like profiles to find matches and start conversations about shared interests or hobbies.

The app prioritises user privacy, ensuring your data is confidential and not shared with third parties. It also allows users to report or block annoying profiles, providing support around the clock.

iHappy encourages making new friends while giving you control over who you want to connect with. Download it for free on Google Play.


6. HearMe



HearMe offers a platform for those feeling lonely or in need of emotional support, providing 24/7 access to peer support confidentially and anonymously.

With a diverse group of listeners ready to help, HearMe enables instant support without the need for scheduling, making it easier to find someone to talk to anytime. Research shows conversations on HearMe can significantly boost mood.

Available for individuals, enterprises, and health plans, it’s a user-friendly app with a high satisfaction rate among users. Download HearMe for immediate, empathetic support from people who understand.


7. Moodbeam



Moodbeam is a real-time happiness survey tool designed to support the mental wellbeing of teams. It allows companies to identify and provide timely assistance to employees who may be struggling.

With Moodbeam, organisations can create a culture where employees feel heard, leading to improved productivity, fewer sick days, and a better work-life balance. The app provides a platform for instant feedback on how work events affect employee mood, enabling positive changes.

It’s a valuable addition for any organisation looking to support their team’s emotional health and build a happier workplace.


8.  TalkLife



TalkLife is a supportive community app that connects you with people facing similar challenges. It’s a space where you can share both your struggles and victories without fear of judgment. 4

Praised by Stephen Fry for addressing youth mental health, TalkLife has grown to support over 2.5 million users worldwide. It offers a platform for real-time, empathetic interactions, ensuring you never feel alone.

With features like a personal diary and customisable content filters, it’s designed to provide a safe and engaging environment. TalkLife encourages open conversations, making it an invaluable tool for anyone seeking support and understanding.


9. Meetup

Meetup is a social platform that brings people together based on shared interests, from hiking and reading to networking and skill-sharing. It hosts thousands of events globally, allowing you to join activities you love and meet like-minded individuals.

Whether in person or online, Meetup events are designed to turn interests into friendships, making it easier to connect and engage with others in your community or across the world.

It’s an ideal solution for anyone looking to combat loneliness by finding a group where they belong, share experiences, and create lasting connections. Join Meetup to start participating in events near you or online.


10. Bumble BFF