10 Best Facetune Alternatives In 2024

FaceTune is a powerful tool that lets users edit and enhance features as well as modify objects in a picture. This is great for those who want to fix a detail they may not like in an image.

Although thebenefits and usefulness of this app are endless, this can also pose as a worry, as the more apps like these develop, there more the use of AI can be manipulated or used to create deepfakes.

It is important that apps remain ethical in their operations and users should use these tools responsibly. Below are 10 alternatives to the popularly used FaceTune app:

1. Facet



Facet offers innovative generative imagery for creative professionals. This tool assists in overcoming time and resource constraints, allowing the creation of new ideas.

Facet provides a unique image generation experience, allowing more than just text prompts. It features custom AI training on your aesthetic, offering endless asset generation.

Collaboration is made easy, allowing teams to build on each other’s ideas. With different pricing plans, Facet caters to individual and business needs, promoting creative freedom without sacrificing artistic control.


2. YouCam Perfect



YouCam Perfect is an all-in-one photo editing app that elevates your photos using AI-powered tools. Effortlessly remove unwanted objects with AI object removal, and experiment with body shapes using the Body Tuner.

Get into artistry with AI Magic Avatars and AI Selfie Filters to turn your photos into different styles. Enhance your photos further with sky replacement, background changes, and stunning photo grids.

Embrace creativity with an array of templates, photo frames, and custom stickers. Perfect your selfies with beautifying tools for a natural, flawless look.


3. RetouchMe




RetouchMe is an app that offers realistic photo retouching by professional designers. Affordable and user-friendly, it provides body, face, makeup, and photo corrections, delivering results quickly.

The app maintains confidentiality, ensuring user privacy, and is accessible to anyone without photo retouching skills.

RetouchMe is celebrated for enhancing body shapes naturally and offers skin retouching for clear, smooth skin. It also allows for background edits and powerful selfie enhancements, making it a versatile tool for photo editing.


4. Airbrush



AirBrush is a user-friendly app designed for perfect selfies and photo editing. With a range of retouching tools, users can enhance photos for a flawless finish.

The app includes over 300 filters, 50+ makeup looks, and 30+ retouching tools, catering to various styles and preferences.

AirBrush also features educational content to help users master the tools and improve their social media presence. With a free trial, users can explore premium features, elevating their photo editing experience.


5. Adobe Photoshop Express



Photoshop Express is a user-friendly mobile app for photo editing and sharing. Ideal for making quick edits, it features tools for colour enhancement, retouching, and noise reduction.

Transform your images with special effects and share them easily on social platforms. This app caters to those looking to add flair to their photos.


6. FaceApp



FaceApp offers an AI-driven photo editing experience, enabling users to transform their portrait photos effortlessly. With over 60+ filters, this app allows you to enhance attractiveness, age yourself realistically, or apply facial hair with just a tap.

Celebrated globally, it’s known for creating magazine-worthy selfies without the complexity of traditional photo editing tools.



7. BeautyPlus





BeautyPlus is an extensive photo and video editor designed to enhance selfies and snaps. It provides over 1,000 professional templates, more than 7,000 premium stickers, and a plethora of filters.

Ideal for those seeking to refine their look or craft the perfect social media post, it offers tools for body reshaping, makeup, and more, ensuring your photos stand out.


8. Photify.AI



Photify AI transforms your selfies into various captivating looks with just one uploaded image. It offers a broad spectrum of changes, allowing users to experiment with different hairstyles, genders, and skin tones. This app is perfect for those looking to explore creative possibilities without the need for multiple shoots or outfits.


9. TouchRetouch



TouchRetouch is a practical tool designed to remove unwanted elements from photos efficiently. With features for object-aware retouching and smart mesh removal, it’s perfect for clearing up backgrounds or erasing imperfections, offering results that blend seamlessly with the rest of the image.


10. Filterra



Filterra is a photo editing app that combines professional tools with designer content, offering unique filters, effects, and frames. With an emphasis on community involvement, users can influence mobile photography trends.

Ideal for those looking to personalise their editing experience, Filterra helps create standout photos with ease.