10 Chargers Enabling You To Charge Your Electric Vehicle From Home

  • Drivers thinking about the switch to electric power may be considering how to go about charging their vehicle
  • One option would be home charging, not only is it more convenient but there is also an opportunity to get help from the government by doing so
  • There are plenty of home chargers available and we have selected 10 that you could consider purchasing

If you’re new to owning an electric vehicle or considering purchasing one, you may be considering how you could go about charging your car from home. This would be ideal for most owners of an EV as it a much more convenient way to top up your vehicle – all you would have to do is charge your vehicle overnight and it will be ready for use the next day. But the benefits don’t stop there as EV owners who install a charging point at their home could also be entitled to a grant through the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which provides a 75 per cent contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its installation.

If you are interested in purchasing a charging unit for your home, fortunately you have plenty of options to choose from. Below we have listed 10 units that are for residential use.

Andersen A2



Manufactured in Britain, Andersen aims for its charge points to transform your EV charging experience. Charge points use industrial-grade electronics and hides the integrated cable and plug, while owners are able to schedule, monitor, and cost each and every charge.

It’s A2 charging point gives you the power to control the energy between your home and EV and solar panels. Owners will be able to enjoy smart controlled connectivity and the choice of 7kW or 3-Phase, 22kW power, while the smart phone activated lock and unlock features aims to provide people with reliable smart charging. It can also be personalised to match the style of any home.

Rolec WallPod:EV



Rolec have designed, manufactured and installed electric vehicle charging points for over 10 years and provide charging solutions for homes, commercial locations, workplaces and fleets.

It’s WallPod:EV is a home electric vehicle charging point that allows drivers to control and manage their charging behaviour and activity. It is compatible with all EV/PHEV models and enables EV drivers to operate their charging within the tap of a finger. People can interact with the charging point via their mobile phone or tablet using the free ev.energy app.

Alfen Eve Single S-Line



Alfen’s charging stations work with every electric car and the chargers are available in various capacities, can be connected to the internet and can be activated with a charging card.

If you are home charging, it’s Eve Single S-line may be for you. It is designed to offer genuine smart functionality for home charging and has a compact case which incorporates a charging status light and can be wall or pole mounted to offer a simple plug and charge solution. It is available as a socket, or tethered, with plug and cable storage facility. Internet connectivity is via ethernet.

EO Mini Pro 2



If you are after a discreet charger from your home then you could be considering the EO Mini Pro 2. According to EO, it is the world’s smallest home charger designed for the everyday electric vehicle driver. EV owners will be able to manage, monitor and schedule charging sessions with the EO Smart Home app, while they can also customise the way the unit looks, with it being available in four different colours.

There is also an additional option to connect the EO Mini Pro 2 to your solar panels using solar matching functionality – this allows the product to read the power being generated by your solar panels and sets its charging rate to match the output of the solar array.

Project EV



Project EV allows you to control your charging via the Project EV App. There are variety of features that come with the Project EV and the app gives you access to all of them through the palm of you hand.

The Project EV is also WiFi enabled and provides real-time monitoring of charge status and car energy usage, as well as historic data. You can also schedule your departure times to ensure you’re always charged up and ready to go.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus



If you want the ideal balance between a small size and the performance needed for smart charging at home, you may consider the Pulsar Plus.

The charging unit offers a charging capacity of up to 22 kW and owners can connect Pulsar Plus to the MyWallbox App through Wifi or Bluetooth to control your charging sessions and choose the suitable cable for your car.

bp Pulse Smart Homecharge



The bp Pulse Smart Homecharge comes with three connection types: universal socket, tethered Type 1 or Type 2 cables and offers power ratings of between  7.4kW – 22kW. Customers will be able to control it from anywhere, anytime, with the bp pulse home portal. You can check your energy use, start a charge remotely, or control the charge your unit supplies.

myenergi zappi



According to myenergi, zappi is the first-ever EV charger of its kind as it is said to be a smart EV charger with a difference.

This is because that while it operates as a standard EV charger, it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100 percent green energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation.

Paired with the myenergi app, you can set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use the boost function and monitor your devices.

Pod Point Solo



The Pod Point solo lets you charge at home faster than with a 3-pin plug and comes with a choice of three power ratings: 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW. The Solo also adjusts your charge so your electrical supply doesn’t get overloaded when your home is using a lot of energy, with charging returning to the fastest rate automatically once more power becomes available. Owners will also be able to pair the Solo with the Pod Point App to understand and optimise your energy usage.




Ohome’s home charger is a climate-conscious and convenient way to charge that is aimed to reduce the cost of owning an electric vehicle. It’s smart charger works with any electricity tariff but if you are on an agile tariff, it interrogates the future pricing levels so your Ohme knows when to charge in order to reach your charge target whilst staying below your maximum charging price.